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Christchurch and Bournemouth based positive dog trainer – teaching force-free & reward-based methods that you and your dog will love to learn.
Love life with a happy dog – Christchurch & Bournemouth Dog Trainer

Christchurch and Bournemouth based positive dog trainer – teaching force-free & reward-based methods that you and your dog will love to learn.


Puppy package

Get a head start on life with a happy dog. Before you even get your puppy we’ll start with a consultation to give you all the help and advice you’ll need. We then follow-up with two home training visits where we’ll show you how to toilet train your puppy, teach them good manners and crate train.

One-to-one Dog Training

Training that you and your dog are going to enjoy. With one to one dog training we can customise our best-behaviour course to suit you and your dog, or build a bespoke course to deal with common problems like recall, barking, lead-pulling, jumping-up, or simply not listening. The positive dog training methods we use can be taught to any age of dog: from puppies to senior dogs.

Love life with a happy dog that...

• Comes straight back when you call
Walks calmly by your side
• Doesn’t jump-up at people
Drops or ignores things when you tell them to
• Listens to you, even when they’re distracted
Doesn’t pull, bark or lunge when they see another dog
• Is happy to be left alone
Is confident & optimistic about life
• Behaves around other dogs & people
Has a great time!


A modern and exciting approach to dog training, helping you to enjoy living life with a happy dog.


Positive, modern dog training methods

• Reward-based training that works with treats, toys & play
No need to tell your dog off, get angry or frustrated
• We teach you how the methods work, so you learn to understand your dog
Train a calmer, happier and more confident dog
Teach your dog with using proven methods and fun games

Training to suit the way you want to enjoy life with your dog. If your dog lounges on the sofa or sleeps on your bed, then I’m not about to tell you to kick them off (but I can show you how to train them how to jump down on command, or wait until they’re invited up). This isn’t formal training, and we’re not teaching tricks. I understand that most people just want their dog to be happy and well behaved, so they can love life together.

About me

I’m an ADTB (Association of Dog Training & Behaviour) fully approved Instructor and have studied practical training methods at the National Dog Training Academy. As dog training is a constantly evolving field, I’m committed to improving & developing my understanding and methods and am currently studying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.


Dog walking & training: One-to-one dog training walks around Christchurch & Bournemouth

Get your dog exercised and trained during the day. We train loose-lead walking & good behaviour out and about, while you’re at work.


Dog training in Christchurch & Bournemouth

The biggest mistake people can make with dog training is to only practice at home. We usually start training there, where your dog is relaxed and not distracted, but as soon as we can we like to take your dog out and about – where we can train in some of the most beautiful locations in Dorset and South England: Bournemouth beach, Hengistbury Head, Christchurch and the New Forest. We train your dog in different places and with different distractions to make sure they’ll listen to you first time, every time - wherever you are.

An amazing dog trainer and anyone who comes to your classes will have a great experience
— Sandra Lawton MSc – Head & Founder of The National Dog Training Academy

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