Training eye contact with a dog in the New Forest, Hampshire


I’m a qualified and ADTB approved Dog Training Instructor (which means I can either train your dog, or I can train you to train your dog). Here’s what the Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour (ADTB) say about their approved trainers:

“They have either submitted proof of experience accompanied by references or presented themselves at a venue and undergone and passed a practical assessment in order to satisfy an ADTB representative that they are capable of training a class of Pet Dogs and their owners.”

I have also completed the practical Dog Trainer Certificate at the brilliant National Dog Training Academy, just outside of Southampton – a course I’d thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in a career in dog training.

As of June 2019 I will have also have completed the study and training for the Open College Network Level III qualification: ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour’ through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). In October I have a two day assessment that will finish the course and allow me membership of the IMDT.

I am DBS checked and Rebel Dog co. is fully insured (inc. Public Liability) through Cliverton Insurance

I am a modern dog trainer using positive, motivational, reward-based and force-free training methods

About my training methods

Based in the Christchurch and Bournemouth area of Dorset, I am a modern dog trainer using positive, motivational, reward-based and force-free training methods. I strongly believe that the best dog training comes from building the relationship and communication between you and your dog, which happens best through training that you both enjoy. I teach many behaviours through fun-to-play games and activities, and most can be integrated into your day-to-day life.

I do not teach dominance-based training, and believe there’s compelling evidence to support the retirement of more traditional alpha-based training methods. Dogs require clear boundaries, and I promote the role of a handler as a good parent: setting clear expectations, giving clear instruction and rewarding generously. Correction shouldn’t be necessary if we learn to manage the situation to prevent the unwanted behaviour from happening, and then teach the dog what they should be doing instead.

I train through Positive Reinforcement (we give the dog something they like: a treat or play-time with a toy) and Negative Punishment (we take something away from the dog: our attention, or the reward they were hoping for). This allows me to train your dog in a positive way that they’ll enjoy, and that is kind, ethical and effective.

I do not advocate or tolerate the use of electric shock or spay collars, check or choke chains, prong collars, rattle tins, water sprays or any training aid or method that causes the dog discomfort or distress.

A long time ago – before starting Rebel Dog co – I worked in publishing as a designer and creative manager. Previous positions include the Art & Design Director for Future Publishing and Head of Design for Imagine Publishing (my Linkedin). I still occasionally dabble in design and publishing, so give me a shout if you have a project to discuss.

Ross Andrews

Updated May 2019


About Rufus

Rufus the Rebel Puppy is my Fox Red Labrador Retriever and Pupper-in-Chief for Rebel Dog co. Rufus dedicates his time to testing training methods, monching and doin’a snooze. You can follow his Instagram here.