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Loose-lead, off-lead and recall training

A dog that loves being by your side doesn’t need to be nagged into a heel position.

A dog that loves being by your side doesn’t need to be nagged into a heel position.

Teaching your dog to behave nicely on walks can be your biggest step towards loving life with a happy dog! Most dog owners (including us!) have experienced…

  • A dog that pulls on the lead, yanking your arm and straining at the collar or harness

  • A dog that lunges or jumps towards strangers, other dogs, runners or people on bikes, scooters and skateboards

  • A dog that disappears the moment you take the lead off

  • A dog that won’t come near you when you need to put the lead back on

  • A dog that suddenly turns deaf when you’re calling them back

  • A dog that surprises strangers or other dogs, even when they’re just being friendly

Teaching your dog to behave nicely on walks takes time, patience and consistency, and we approach it by teaching your dog three awesome and fun things: to love being near you, to pay you tons of attention (even when they’re off-lead) and to want to come back when you call them. This means your dog can still love its walk, but just as importantly: so can you.

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“ I was able to let Sid have fun off lead whilst feeling confident with recall and sociability. Highly recommended.”

Claire & Sid, via Facebook


Just a few of the things we teach…

A dog walking on a loose lead. Look for a soft-loop in the lead with absolutely no tension.

Loose lead

Your dog walks calmly by your side (we don’t just teach dogs to walk on the left, in a traditional heel), and doesn’t pull at the lead.

Your dog should look to you often, when they’re on a lead or when they are running off-lead.

Checking in

Your dog regularly looks or runs back to you to check in. They always know where your are, and you always know where they are.

Your dog should come when called, every time – even when they might be distracted

reliable Recall

Your dog stops what it’s doing when you call, and comes straight back to you – even if they’re playing, sniffing or chasing.

Top tips for recall and loose-lead walking

Start your training today, with these basic tips & techniques…

  • Stop your dog practicing bad habits. This is the most important thing to do before you start training. Every time your dog does something it makes it more likely that they’ll do it again. If your dog starts pulling when you get near its favourite park, you need to stop going to that park for a while. If your dog doesn’t come when you call, you need to be keeping them on a lead or long-line. During the consultation we’ll discuss ways to prevent your dog practicing its bad habits.

  • Be a fun person to hang around! Don’t just call your dog back when you need to put the lead on, or when you see a dog or person in the distance. Call them back for a treat, or a quick game with a toy. Keep your dog guessing, and they’ll start checking in more often.

  • Drop the routine. Dogs get bored easily, and that’s when they start getting up to mischief. Don’t always walk the same way, or only put the lead on as you get near the park gate or car. Change direction often, or stop for a play or a game of chase – be the most interesting part of your dog’s walk!

  • Be generous with rewards. Maybe your dog loves treats, or maybe they love a game of catch with a ball. Either way, use what your dog loves to reward them for doing the things you want – have that ball ready to throw if your dog checks-in, or toss them a treat as they’re passing close.


What to expect from your 90 minute consultation…

  • We’ll discuss your dog’s history and behaviour

  • You can set your training objectives – so we know exactly what you a want to achieve

  • We’ll discuss control and management techniques to stop your dog practicing bad habits straight away

  • We’ll agree a training plan, with exercises you can start practicing from day one

  • We’ll following-up with step-by-step guides to your training plan, so you always have expert tutorials to follow

  • Plus: Save money on any further training you book during the consultation


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