Christchurch and Bournemouth based positive dog trainer – teaching force-free & reward-based methods that you and your dog will love to learn.

  Good Dog!

save up to £70 with one of our custom training packages


Dog Training Instruction

We teach you & your dog

Every dog is different and we’re happy to tailor a training plan especially for you. We can help with all the common problems, such as: barking at home or on walks, nervousness, chewing, food or toy guarding, howling and whining, running off, not coming when called, jumping up, begging, stealing food, chasing or even just fear of the vacuum cleaner. 

  • Initial 90 minute consultation £60

  • We’ll agree a custom training package, from £35 per hour

  • Training sheets with step-by-step guides to the games and training, advice and support

Dog Training

We teach your dog

Don’t have the time to train? Then we can do it for you while you’re busy or at work (or even if you just don’t like dog training!). We can visit your dog to train in your home (we’re DBS certified), or pick your dog up to take them out and about so that they get some exercise too. Contact us now to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your perfect training plan.

  • Initial 90 minute consultation £60

  • We’ll agree a custom training package, from £40 per hour

  • Regular updates - via email, video or follow-up consultations – plus email and phone support

Puppy & Dog Training Packages

Save money, and get training packages custom designed for your and your dog

Puppy package • £99

We teach you & your puppy

The perfect course if you’re planning to get a puppy, or if you’ve only just got one (we can start with puppies up to 12 weeks).

  • 90 minute consultation, before the puppy arrives (if possible), to give you all the help and advice you need

  • Have kids? We’ll include a free puppy-smart talk, so they understand how to safely love and enjoy your puppy

  • Custom training plans, written especially for you and tailored to the way you want to bring-up your puppy: Puppy Socialisation Plan, Toilet Training, Puppy Biting, Crate Training (if you choose to use one)

  • Two 60 minute home training visits

  • Training pack with step-by-step guides to the training, advice and support

  • Discounts on future training

Add additional training sessions for £40 per hour, or £99 for three hours
(When booked with the Puppy Package)

Best Behaviour • £199

We teach you & your dog

Six lesson course teaching you and your dog over as many weeks as you’d like (minimum of six weeks with one 60 minute lesson per week).

Learn the games and training activities that your dog will enjoy, and that will teach them great manners!
• Eye Contact
• Sit, down and stand
• Leave
• Stay
• Come when called
• Lead walking
• Stop jumping-up

Plus: Training pack with step-by-step guides to the games and training, advice and support

Dog Walk Training

We teach & exercise your dog

Our Walkies! dog walk & training packages are designed for dogs that just need a little help behaving nicely on walks (perhaps they pull towards other dogs or people, or don’t always listen), and could also use some exercise during the day. Sessions last for one hour, including the pick-up and drop-off of your dog, and are always one-to-one.

  • Initial 90 minute consultation £60

  • Four walk pack £150

  • Five walk pack £180

Note: Dates must be agreed at the time of booking, and these walks are only suitable for dogs without significant behavioural problems (to be assessed during the initial consultation). If we recommend that your dog might need more help than is available through these sessions then we’ll recommend a suitable alternative training plan.